The Bittany Vision

Bittany's journey began with disappointments from tailors. Fueled by determination, Fikayomi turned the situation into an opportunity. It started as a hobby and then the passion for fashion blossomed, supported by family and friends who believe in her dreams. Bittany evolved from a hobby into an exquisite and contemporary African fashion brand.

With beautifully crafted designs, Bittany celebrates the richness, boldness, and versatility of African culture and heritage. Offering ready-to-wear and custom-made designs, Bittany empowers individuals to embrace their own personal style with the tagline "Be unapologetically unique."

Bittany's core values of doing the right thing, transparency, integrity, excellent service, continuous improvement, creativity, innovation, and teamwork shape every aspect of the brand's operations.

As a slow fashion advocate, Bittany employs upcycling techniques, alteration services, and renewal and repair options to promote sustainability and encourage longer garment lifespans.

Bittany is dedicated to creating job opportunities for artisans in Africa and supporting the gig economy in the UK on the long-run through it’s sustainable fashion sister business, KÁYÒMI.

Driven by a passion for fashion, sustainability, and positive impact, Bittany strives to make a difference by creating unique, high-quality designs, supporting artisans, and advocating for a conscious approach to fashion, one stitch at a time.