BOB Expo 2023 - A Dazzling Affair of Fashion, Culture, and Black Owned Business Empowerment at The Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester on July 29th - Aug 27, 2023

In the heart of summer, on a radiant Saturday, a remarkable event unfolded at the iconic Old Trafford Stadium. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, and fashion enthusiasts from around the world gathered to witness a runway show like no other. As shoppers enjoyed shopping from the 100 amazing black owned businesses exhibiting their products, the walk way at Bob Expo was set for selected fashion brands including Bittany to wow the audience. It was a true show stopper as all shoppers stopped and immersed themselves in the beauty of the designs. They were mesmerised as they recorded videos and laughed as the models gave them a great show as they strode down the runway with an air of confidence, each step exuding a sense of pride. It was a true a celebration of Black Owned Excellence.

An Exquisite Showcase of Creativity
The runway show was nothing short of a showstopper, featuring a stunning lineup of 15 pieces from Bittany's latest collection. From the carefully curated ensembles to the meticulous attention to detail, every garment told a unique story. The fusion of modern trends and cultural heritage was evident in each piece, paying homage to the rich tapestry of Black culture.

Connections That Transcend: Entrepreneurship Fireside Panel
Beyond the shimmering lights and glamorous outfits, BOB Expo 2023 was a hub of connections. Industry professionals, creatives, and fashion enthusiasts converged, forging networks that promised to drive change and elevate the voices of Black creators. Founder of Bittany, Fikayomi Agbola was among the impressive panelists at the fireside conversation about entrepreneurship sponsored by Llyod's Bank. Deanne Blake, founder of Root2Ginger, Samantha Lubanzu, Founder of Samatha Lubanzu Coaching, Naomi Brooks, CEO of The Hair Sanctuary were on the panel alongside Fikayomi, hosted by Sonia Joy, an international Presenter.

Our presence at the BOB expo was more than just a showcase; it was an opportunity to establish lasting partnerships and collaborations at our exhibition stand as we enjoyed connecting with other business owners and shoppers alike.

Bittany is a proud participant of BOB Expo's 5th year celebration. The journey is one of growth, determination, and the unwavering commitment to celebrating diversity and excellence.

It was a reminder that fashion is a powerful medium, capable of telling stories, fostering connections, and championing change.

See you at BOB Expo, 2024!

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