Bittany Podcast Feature on Different Roots Radio - Embracing Fashion, Business, and Impact: Insights from Fikky - Oct 25, 2021

In a captivating episode of Different Roots Radio YouTube and podcast, Fikky had the pleasure of sharing her incredible journey as Bittany Founder. Check out the episode on YouTube for an in-depth discussion hosted by Timeyin Akerele and Dami Akinbolue

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Rebranding and Mentorship:

Discover the transformative process behind rebranding the Bittany fashion brand. She delves into the pivotal role of mentorship in navigating challenges and shaping the business strategy.

Content Creation and Modern Marketing:

Learn about the power of content creation and modern marketing techniques that have helped Bittany connect with a wider audience. She shared valuable insights on utilising platforms like Instagram to stay relevant in today's digital landscape.

The Evolution of African Fashion:

Explore the vibrant evolution of African fashion and its significant impact on the industry. Discover innovative approaches, including the use of patch work to address fashion waste and the growing influence of e-commerce platforms such as Instagram.

Social Issues and Fashion:

Fearlessly addressing important social issues, they delves into topics like child labour, health and safety concerns, wastage in fashion and cultural appropriation. Together, we can raise awareness and foster a more ethical and inclusive fashion landscape.

Let's make a positive difference together. Stay stylish and empowered!

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