Sustainable Fashion: Bittany's Alteration and Repair Service - Aug 15, 2022

With a mission to promote sustainability and cultural richness, Bittany is now expanding its services to include alteration services, starting from Manchester, UK, with plans to make an impact on sustainable fashion globally in the near future.Black business in UK, Fashion, African Fashion, Female entrepreneur in Manchester, Manchester african business, MBA UK, AMBS Manchester, Female entreperneur in Manchester, Women in Business, Nigerian doing business in UK, Black beautiful woman, African prints shopping, Exhibitions in Manchester, Events in Manchester, slow fashion, repairs, alterations in ManchesterAt Bittany, our beautiful, well-crafted, and high-quality designs serve as a testament to the vibrancy, boldness, and versatility of African culture and heritage. Catering to diverse tastes, Bittany offers an array of ready-to-wear and custom-made designs, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Bittany has a strong dedication to preserving the environment and we have made it our social mandate to contribute to its protection.

With a focus on sustainability, Bittany employs upcycling techniques in its production process and now offers alteration, renewal, and repair services. By providing these services, Bittany encourages people to love and wear their clothes for longer, reducing waste and supporting the slow fashion movement. This approach also creates employment opportunities for artisans in Africa and will contribute to the growing gig economy in the UK.

Bittany understands that raising awareness about the detrimental impact of fast fashion is crucial. We seek to collaborate with fashion and climate enthusiasts, forging partnerships that advance the cause of sustainable fashion.

Discover a world of contemporary African fashion that embraces sustainability and celebrates individuality as we redefine fashion norms, one stitch at a time!

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